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Heme Iron Content

10.5 mg

12 mg

10.5 mg

Folic Acid

1 mg





Smaller pill (dye-free capsule)

Easy-swallow coating

Our Products

Proferrin® ES

Why You Should Choose Proferrin® ES

Proferrin® ES is the original heme iron supplement. It contains Heme Iron Polypeptide, a natural form of iron found in meat. Compared to other forms of iron, it has 10-23x higher absorption 1, can be taken with or without food, coffee, calcium, or Vitamin C, and is not affected by PPIs*.

Proferrin® Clear

Why You Should Choose Proferrin® Clear

Proferrin® Clear is our all-natural option for those that don’t prefer tablets or color dyes. It contains the same amount of heme iron as Proferrin® ES; however, it comes in a dye-free gel capsule form rather than a tablet. It is a simple yet effective product with only four ingredients.

Proferrin® Forte

Why You Should Choose Proferrin® Forte

Proferrin® Forte was designed for those who need a little more iron and can benefit from the folic acid provided by our unique formula. It comes in a coated tablet form like Proferrin® ES but contains 1.5 mg more of heme iron than either ES or Clear, for a total of 12 mg, and it also contains 1000mcg (1667 mcg DFE) of folic acid.

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