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What Makes Proferrin Different

At Colorado Biolabs, we have specialized in creating heme iron products for over 20 years. The result of that research and development is Proferrin– the only heme iron supplement manufactured in the United States.


Our heme iron formula is absorbed through a different mechanism than that of non-heme iron, which allows for significant improvements in absorption. This unique absorption pathway is unaffected by the intake of vitamin C or caffeine and can be taken with or without food.

Because of the high absorption, low side effects, and ease of use, many physicians have chosen to partner with us to offer Proferrin to their patients.

Read on to learn more about partnerships, special physician pricing, and our research on Proferrin!

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Heme Iron Overview

Heme iron has a unique natural pathway for absorption compared to other forms of iron. This increases its bioavailability and effectiveness. Heme iron such as Proferrin has an absorption rate ten to twenty-four times that of non-heme iron!


This pathway also bypasses the digestion requirements of other supplements. Proferrin can be taken with or without food, as its absorption is not impacted by consuming coffee, tea, vitamin C, calcium, or PPI’s. This allows those who use Proferrin to follow their natural routine, rather than having to plan around taking their iron supplement.


Unlike other forms of iron, heme iron does not create “free iron” in the GI tract. Because of this, people who use Proferrin are less likely to experience unpleasant GI side effects. 

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